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Airbnb将正式进军中国市场 Airbnb Seeks to Expand in China With Local H

行业资讯 / 2023-04-23 23:22

本文摘要:HONG KONG — For large Internet companies in the United States, the prevailing wisdom has long been that China is off limits.香港——对于美国的大型互联网公司而言,“中国是禁区”是一个长年而广泛的共识。


HONG KONG — For large Internet companies in the United States, the prevailing wisdom has long been that China is off limits.香港——对于美国的大型互联网公司而言,“中国是禁区”是一个长年而广泛的共识。Beijing’s concerns about being unable to control foreign sites, combined with regulations that require companies to censor and monitor users, has led many start-ups to heed the experience of forebears like Twitter and Facebook and refrain from opening a local China site.北京对无法控制外国网站深感担忧,再行再加一些规定拒绝公司对用户展开审查和监控,很多初创企业因此汲取了Twitter和Facebook等前辈的教训,不出中国本土开办网站。

But that may be changing.但这种情况可能会转变。With its announcement on Tuesday that it was expanding in China, Airbnb joined a growing list of large American Internet companies that have begun experimenting with new models to enter the Chinese market. With more than 600 million Internet users, China is a rich prize.更加多美国大型互联网公司正在尝试使用新的模式,进占中国市场,现在Airbnb也重新加入了这个行列;本周二,Airbnb宣告将在中国扩展业务。中国享有逾6亿互联网用户,是一个富裕的矿藏。

In a statement on its blog, Airbnb said outbound bookings from Chinese tourists had risen 700 percent during the past year, making it the company’s fastest-growing market of customers booking stays outside their home country. Airbnb, a start-up based in San Francisco, allows people to offer their homes for rent; it completed a fundraising round in June of more than $1 billion.Airbnb在其博客上发表声明,说道在过去一年,中国游客境外订房服务攀升了700%,沦为该公司“境外订房”领域快速增长最慢的市场。Airbnb是一家总部设于旧金山的初创公司,用户可以用它租赁自家的住所;在今年6月的一轮融资中,该公司筹措了逾10亿美元资金。

Airbnb offered few details of how it would meet that Chinese demand. But the company said it wanted to “create a truly localized platform” while being “prudent” in establishing operations within China. To help, the company said it would work with the Chinese venture capital firms China Broadband Capital and Sequoia China, the local affiliate of the American firm, to increase its presence in the country.对于Airbnb将如何超过中国的拒绝,该公司没获取明确细节,但它回应期望“创建一个确实的本地化平台”,并在中国境内“慎重”经营。为了做这一点,Airbnb回应,它将与中国风险投资公司中国宽带产业基金和美国红杉资本在中国的子公司红杉中国(Sequoia China)合作,在中国不断扩大业务。The first move for the venture capital firms will be to help recruit a chief executive for Airbnb’s operations in China before expanding the local team.风投公司的第一个行动,就在是协助该公司扩展本地团队之前,召募一名首席执行官来负责管理Airbnb在中国的业务。

The strategy closely resembles one taken by the professional social network LinkedIn, which worked with the same two venture capital firms when it introduced a local site in early 2014. LinkedIn also hired a separate chief executive for its China operations.这十分类似于职业社交网络领英(LinkedIn)曾多次采行的战略。LinkedIn在2014年初发售中国本地的站点时,也与这两家风险投资公司展开了合作。

LinkedIn也分开聘用了一位首席执行官来负责管理中国区的业务。LinkedIn’s strategy was to have its partners help the company work with the Chinese government. In particular, China Broadband Capital is politically well connected. Founded by Edward Tian, an entrepreneur who once ran a telecommunications company with the son of the former Chinese president Jiang Zemin, China Broadband has assisted other American businesses, like Evernote, in entering China.LinkedIn的策略是让合作伙伴来协助该公司和中国政府做事。中国宽带产业基金特别是在享有较好的政治人脉。

该公司曾帮助印象笔记(Evernote)等其他美国企业转入中国,其创始人田溯宁曾与中国前国家主席江泽民的儿子联合经营一家电信公司。In an interview last year, a company spokesman said China Broadband saw its role in the LinkedIn deal as helping the American company communicate with the government.该公司发言人在去年的一次专访中回应,在LinkedIn的交易中,该公司指出自己的起到是协助美国公司与政府交流。Although it is unclear what demands Airbnb might face, proposed Chinese laws dictate the company must store Chinese customer data inside China. That could mean giving the government access to data not just about the domestic travels of Chinese, but also about where they stay abroad.虽然目前还不确切Airbnb可能会面对哪些拒绝,但中国正在建议书的一些法律规定,各公司享有的中国用户数据必需留存在中国境内。

这有可能意味著政府不仅可以取得中国人在国内旅行的数据,还能取得他们在国外旅游的数据。But cracking the Chinese market must happen first. Brian Chesky, the chief executive and a co-founder of Airbnb, wrote in the blog post that Chinese tourists have been the top spenders internationally since 2012. Expanding inside China will allow the company to make money on their domestic travels as well.但首先要做到的是打进中国市场。Airbnb牵头创始人兼任首席执行官布莱恩·切斯恩(Brian Chesky)在博客中写到,从2012年起,中国游客早已跻身国际旅游的主要消费群。

Airbnb在中国境内扩展,可以从中国的国内旅游市场中赚到到钱。To do so, Airbnb will run up against a local analogue, Tujia, which is already valued at more than $1 billion and offers access to hundreds of thousands of properties across China. Like Airbnb, Tujia helps people market homes to tourists for short-term stays, but it also provides an array of other services around the rental, like cleaning and managing properties.要做这一点,Airbnb将与中国本土品牌途家积极开展竞争。途家的估值已逾10亿美元,其网站上获取了数以十万计的中国住所。

像在Airbnb上一样,用户也可以在途家上把住所租赁给游客短期居住于,但途家还获取一系列和租房涉及的服务,比如清扫和管理物业等。It is unclear whether Airbnb will take up similar services to persuade Chinese to open their doors to visitors. They have an experienced adviser in the industry in the form of Sequoia China’s founder, Neil Shen, who is known in China for starting the Chinese travel site Ctrip.com.目前尚能不确切Airbnb否不会使用类似于服务,劝说中国人向游客敞开大门。

他们有一名经验丰富的行业顾问——红杉资本中国基金创始人沈南鹏,他在中国因为创立旅游网站携程网(Ctrip.com)而著称。In his blog post, Mr. Chesky said Mr. Shen “has deep experience in the Chinese Internet and hospitality sectors.”切斯基在博客文章中称之为,沈南鹏“在中国网络及服务领域享有非常丰富经验”。Even as LinkedIn and Uber have led the way for Airbnb, neither has managed to avoid causing a stir. Some LinkedIn users complained online that the company had failed to communicate how and why it was censoring content for users in China. It also briefly censored posts in Hong Kong, which enjoys freedom from Beijing’s content restrictions.先行一步的领英和优步(Uber)没有能避免引起反感。

领英的一些用户在网上责怪称之为,该公司没指出他们如何及为什么审查中国用户的内容。该公司还一度对香港的内容加以审查,而那里是需要拒绝接受北京的内容管制的。And several Uber offices have been raided in recent months by local Chinese police and regulators who say the company’s service is illegal. Uber drivers and taxi drivers alike have protested in different cities. Uber is also working to ensure that more of the data from its China operations are stored within the country, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.近几个月来,优步的几个办公室遭当地警方及监管机构的突查,他们称该公司获取非法服务。一些城市的优步司机和出租车司机展开了抗议。

据一名知情人士透漏,优步还在希望保证更加多中国业务的数据储存在中国。All three companies are likely aware of the potential political fallout that could come if they change their minds. Google, which once acceded to China’s demands to censor content, noisily reversed course in 2010, delivering uncensored results to Chinese users from servers in Hong Kong.这三家公司有可能都认识到,如果它们转变主意,可能会带给政治后果。谷歌(Google)曾表示同意中国明确提出的内容审查拒绝,但在2010年高调地反败为胜路线,通过在香港的服务器为中国用户获取不不受审查的搜寻结果。


That soured the company’s relationship with the Chinese authorities, and Google products are blocked in China.此举导致该公司与中国当局的关系恶化,谷歌产品在中国被封。