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行业资讯 / 2022-10-01 23:22

本文摘要:Ecuador says it chose to restrict the internet access of Julian Assange, the anti-secrecy campaigner holed up in its London embassy, due to concerns the WikiLeaks founder might seek to influence the US election.厄瓜多尔回应,由于担忧维基解密(WikiLeaks)创始


Ecuador says it chose to restrict the internet access of Julian Assange, the anti-secrecy campaigner holed up in its London embassy, due to concerns the WikiLeaks founder might seek to influence the US election.厄瓜多尔回应,由于担忧维基解密(WikiLeaks)创始人有可能企图影响美国议会选举,该国要求容许躲其派驻英大使馆的反保密活动人士朱利安.阿桑奇(Julian Assange)的互联网相连。A statement from the Ecuadorean foreign ministry said the unplugging of Mr Assange was a “sovereign decision”, adding: “The government of Ecuador respects the principles of non-intervention in the affairs of other nations, does not meddle in electoral campaigns nor support any candidate in particular.”厄瓜多尔外交部的一份声明回应,截断阿桑奇的互联网相连是一个“主权要求”,并补足说道:“厄瓜多尔政府认同不干预他国事务的原则,不插手议会选举活动,也不反对任何特定的候选人。”WikiLeaks confirmed in a tweet that its web communications had been cut on Saturday evening “shortly after publication of Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches”.维基解密在Twitter上证实,其web通信在上周六晚间被截断,“就在公开发表希拉里的高盛(Goldman Sachs)演讲稿旋即之后”。

This was a reference to the release by WikiLeaks of three transcripts of paid speeches Hillary Clinton made to the US bank, which are likely to fuel concerns the Democratic candidate and favourite to win the US presidential race is too cosy with Wall Street.此言是指维基解密公布的希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)对这家美国银行公开发表的三次有偿演说的文字国史,它们很有可能激化人们的忧虑:这位民主党总统候选人、未来将会夺得美国总统大选的人跟华尔街的关系过于亲近了。WikiLeaks had earlier blamed an unnamed “state party”, tweeting on Monday: “Julian Assange’s internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans.”维基解密早些时候谴责一个并未严厉批评的“国家机构”,周一在Twitter上称:“朱利安.阿桑奇的互联网链接被某个国家机构蓄意截断。

我们已启动了必要的应急计划。”This month the Obama administration officially accused Russia of attempting to interfere in the elections, including by hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee and other political organisations. The stolen material has appeared on websites such as DC Leaks and WikiLeaks, and included the private emails of former secretary of state Colin Powell and aides to Mrs Clinton.本月,奥巴马政府月指控俄罗斯企图干预美国议会选举,还包括对民主党全国委员会(DNC)和其他政治的组织的电脑发动黑客攻击。被盗的材料早已经常出现在诸如DC Leaks和维基解密等网站上,还包括前国务卿科林.鲍威尔(Colin Powell)以及希拉里助理的私人电子邮件。WikiLeaks had recently been releasing material from the Clinton campaign, including those from a hack of emails of her campaign chairman John Podesta.维基解密最近曾公布克林顿竞选团队的材料,还包括她的竞选负责人约翰.波德斯塔(John Podesta)的失窃电子邮件。

Mr Assange, who took refuge in London’s Ecuadorean embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations, accused the US of asking Ecuador to stop it publishing documents about Mrs Clinton.阿桑奇于2012年向厄瓜多尔在伦敦的大使馆催促避难,以防止因性侵扰指控被遣返到瑞典。他谴责美国拒绝厄瓜多尔阻止公布关于希拉里的文件。

The US state department said the allegation was “simply untrue”.美国国务院说道,这个指控“显然不现实”。Ecuador’s foreign minister Guillaume Long, made no reference to the allegations, but said “the circumstances that led to the granting of asylum (to Mr Assange) remain”.厄瓜多尔外长纪尧姆.隆(Guillaume Long)没提及这些指控,但回应“造成给与(阿桑奇)避难的情况依然不存在”。Relations between the US and Ecuador have been strained in recent years as President Rafael Correa emerged as an outspoken US critic, accusing Washington of trying to undermine his government.美国和厄瓜多尔之间的关系近年紧绷,厄瓜多尔总统拉斐尔.科雷亚(Rafael Correa)公开批评美国,谴责华盛顿方面企图毁坏他的政府。

In its statement late on Tuesday, Ecuador said it had temporarily restricted access to part of its communication system in its UK embassy, but said the decision to suspend Mr Assange’s web access would not “impede” the organisation’s “journalistic activities”.厄瓜多尔在周二晚间公开发表的声明中回应,其继续容许了驻英大使馆部分通信系统的终端,但回应停止阿桑奇web采访的要求会阻碍该的组织的“新闻活动”。However, the move is seen as a reflection of Quito’s concern not to alienate the Clinton camp ahead of the election, with the Democratic candidate currently favourite to emerge as the new US president.然而,这一行径被视作厄瓜多尔不期望在议会选举前夕触怒希拉里阵营,目前这位民主党候选人问鼎白宫的呼声最高。